Shiftless Layabout

The Band
Shiftless Layabout is...
Shiftless Layabout was founded in Seattle in the summer of 2002. It began with TK (one-time Revolutionary Hydra) writing songs in a one-room Univerisity District apartment under the working title of SOULIO. Dreams of a full band soon grew to include Matty's thunder-rumblin' bass-plosion (The Red Note, Rae Solomon, Nikki Dee), Brandon's brassy sax (Banda Del Sol), Tom's blues-soaked guitar (BlacVelvett) and Baz's punishing drums (GRA, Bakelite78, Purty Mouth). word.

The Shiftless sound is a blend of rock and funk, grit and polish, brass dynamite and bass thunder. They bring a fresh perspective to the old-school: combining wah-wah funk and ass-tingling brass with a crunchy dose of southern rock. Their influences include: Average White Band, War, Blood Sweat and Tears, Stevie Wonder, Bill Withers, Frank Sinatra, Mofro, Lynard Skynard and a fistful of 70's kung-fu. hyah!

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