Shiftless Layabout

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BRAND NEW! Take a taste of a cut from our NEW album, Layin' It Down 8 Days A Week... About A Drummer It's HOT!

Layin' It Down Eight Days A Week (June 2009) - A dynamic new soul experience from self-made Seattle funk band Shiftless Layabout. On this release, the band deftly combines elements of vintage 1970's funk (brassy, closely micced horns and swinging rhythms) with the crunch and swagger of southern rock and the lo-fi grit of an old-school Hong Kong action film soundtrack. The self-produced album was recorded over a few weekends in a junior high band room and was mixed by lead singer ‘TK’ (and his four year-old son) over the course of almost two years. The album was mastered by the uber-awesome Barry Corliss at Masterworks, Seattle (Modest Mouse, Carrie Akre, Blue Scholars, Common Market). It is currently available through and i-Tunes. swanky.

...and check out our 'old' eponymous EP on ITUNES! WOW!

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Layin It Down 8 Days A Week

A special thank you to our very own TOMMY COIN TOSS for the suh-weet artwork on the new album!