Shiftless Layabout
more cowbell soul scream

NAME: TK a.k.a. Timmy Sunshine

SIGN: Libra - the scales

PLACE OF BIRTH: Portland, Oregon

SKILLS: trumpet, beat-box, bo-staff, Funk-Fu

PERFORMANCE BACKGROUND: I've done some stuff here and there... mainly here, though. I've performed and recorded with trippy Seattle funk band Supermassive. I also teach band and orchestra at Timbercrest Junior High. And I did have the opportunity to play trumpet with indie rock band The Revolutionary Hydra on the album "Knockout To Dispense." WOW!

I also enjoy the sandwich stylings of Other Coast Cafe. Eat one of their sandwiches, and it's like you just played in front of 15,000 screaming fans.

PERSONAL HEROES: Sonny Chiba - the original street fighter and most intense martial artist ever! hyah!

ALSO, I'd have to say my wife, the beautiful lady who always gets it done...


"Hey! TK! I looooove you."
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