Shiftless Layabout
baz at the High Dive baz in Japan
WHAT? Can't a guy just eat a ball of meat on a stick?

NAME: Baz... it's short for Steve Baz. But that's a lot for you to remember.

SIGN: Don't get too close or you'll get burned

PLACE OF BIRTH: Phillipines.

SKILLS: drums, drums and drums. Like my mama said, 'Do one thing, but do it well.'

PERFORMANCE BACKGROUND: As a kick-ass drummer and all-around great guy, I do a lot of playing with a lot of groups: Golden Robot Army, Bakelite 78, Purty Mouth and a few others from time to time. Thank you for taking an interest in me, that means a lot. Do you mind if I sit a little closer? Let me just scootch in here...there, that's better.

PERSONAL HEROES: That's a really thoughtful question, and I want you to ask me again sometime. I'd like to get into this with you, but this isn't the time or place.


What's this guy really like? If you find out, why don't you let us know...? - huzzah!