Shiftless Layabout
Matty Good-Times

NAME: Matty Good-Times

SIGN: Libra

PLACE OF BIRTH: Outside of Bahston

SKILLS: talking softly, carrying large sticks, not fearing fear itself

SPECIAL SKILLS: Voted American Idol three years running, climbed Hill Everest (Mt. Everest's little brother), world record holder of the lowest high dive.

PERFORMANCE BACKGROUND:Matty GT "gets around", and you can often find him playing bossa and jazz with Nikki Dee, rocking fairgrounds with rising country star Rae Solomon, canoodling with burlesque dancers at questionable establishments with Gunstreet Glory, plotting train jumping adventures with Vaudeville Etiquette, and backing up Nashville songwriter Holly Grigsby.

As if that wasn't musically promiscuous enough, he's also done very occasional recording or tour work with a host of PacNW heavyhitters, including surf-songwriter Hayley Sales, alt-songwriter-rocker Kate Tucker, dreamhop/trip-hop artistsTwo Loons for Tea, and Golden Robot Army. In the semi-distant past, there's the miniscule chance you might've heard him play with indie-rock-blues-occasional-latin-funk band The Red Note, with the dark-humored, neo-alt-country songwriter R.B. Reed, sad songwriter Katie Davis, or even playing contrabass with the Puget Sound Symphony Orchestra. But that's doubtful. VERY DOUBTFUL.

PERSONAL HEROES: Heros? Where I'm from they're called "grinders", and I dig 'em piled high with the works.


Want to know why he's called Matty Good-Times? Send him an inquiry at - hold on to that tiger!