Shiftless Layabout
Tommy Two-Tone

NAME: Tommy Coin Toss (Sounds perty cool, huh? Sure beats my last nickname, 'Tommy Soggy-Tush'.)

SIGN: Aquarius, as in the dawning of, baby

PLACE OF BIRTH: Bangor, Maine

SKILLS: guitar, pen chewing expert, speed dialing accuracy grand office champion (three years running), bottomless pit of Spinal Tap trivia, I can also spell simultaneously right on the first try.

PERFORMANCE BACKGROUND: Polyester Julliette, Uppity Smooth and the Groove Cushion, Temporary Hallucination Company, BlacVelvett

PERSONAL HEROES: Bradley Plunkett and Lester Kushner - they invented the wah-wah pedal, without them my life would be vastly less exciting and so would adult videos and '70s cop shows.


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