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A few kind words...
Wildy Haskell, Wildy's World
  • 4 Stars (out of 5) ...energetic, high-end Funk Rocker that's a kick in the brass guaranteed to get you moving and shaking... Shiftless Layabout is a rather ironic name for a band that plays music that inspires listeners to do anything but stay still. Layin' It Down Eight Days A Week is one of those infectious albums you won't want to put down. The only thing that could make the experience complete is to find it on vinyl. This is great stuff.

  • Dave Newman, DJ, Hollow Earth Radio
  • Funky, fresh, freaky, and habit forming - Shiftless Layabout's music gets under skin. From the smooth instrumental stride of “Soul Steppin” to the burnin' groove of “She's With Me” this CD is for you. You must buy this CD and shake your booty daily.

  • Barry Corliss, Master Works CD Mastering, Seattle
  • These players can really play. They are confident and soulful. Reminiscent of Tower of Power and an era when strong musical chops were required.

  • Here's what some fans are saying about
  • Pass my afro sheen NOW!!! And give me platform shoes!!! What can I say, I'm a dancing machine, too. Horns have great presence... Lead vocal dude is CRAAAZZZYY. I like the energy. - Rihki Kennebrew, New York

  • Bring it back to the Old School! ...Love the funkiness... fat, warm and juicy, just like funk 'oughta be! - Heather, Fort Meyers, FL

  • Love that brass section... quite raw funk, which is always refreshing. - Shannon, New South Wales, Australia

  • This reminds me of all the old school funk I used to listen to as a kid. - Reynaldo, Santa Ana, CA

  • Woohoo! It sounds like soulfinger baby! I can just see Fat Albert and the gang cruisin' down the street. Those vocals are kickin'! - Matt Stetson, Palm Beach Gardens, FL

  • Feast your eyes upon the splendor of SL playing at the 2009 RnR Seattle Marathon (1st ever, 25000 runners!). Some great coverage courtesy of King5 news! It was so much fun, we did it again in 2010! Rock On, Seattle!

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