Shiftless Layabout

Layin' It Down Eight Days A Week



May 2018 Happy New Year! ...what. What do you mean, "May"?

Okay, granted, the blackouts and the benders and the binges may have affected our concept of time. We're willing to admit that maybe paying closer attention to what season it is would have benefits. For instance, we'd know that it's time to trade in these festive (festering?) holiday socks for some breezey strapless sandels. But not before Memorial Day!

But you know what you can wear before Memorial Day? You can drape yourself head-to-strapless-sandel-toe with Shiftless Layabout's unique brand of funk!

But enough about us. You. Yes, you. You're stunning. Git over here, so I kin KISSYA. On the lips.

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SHIFTLESS LAYABOUT: Layin' It Down Eight Days A Week
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